Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My Condolences

I hardly feel like writing anymore.

Whenever I write, it’s projection of what’s was in the mind. And right now, everything up there are so twisted I don’t know I can write something utterly sane. It’s insane. Not losing your mind in this crumbling and dreadful world is just impossible. No matter how hard you’re trying to keep up, you will never can. It’s either losing them or losing yourself. And, I’m starting to feel it – me losing control.

Do I wish to write about something happy, about my insignificant life events, about my feelings, about the unimportant people I care less when there’s something most outrageous and inhumane are currently happening? Where do I divert all this feeling that overwhelmed me the past few weeks? Crying over news that feels so surreal. Is it really happening? Right now? Right this instant?

Hypothetically living when I know there’s others dying, sobbing and cursing? Can you do that?

“Don’t think too much. Don’t question on things that don’t matter. Just take everything as it is, as God given, and you’ll do just fine. That’s why they say, ignorant is a bliss. If you know nothing, you’ll worry on nothing.”