Friday, 25 March 2016

Falling Star

I have so many things to write, but turning them into lines of words and sentences was never easy. I want to talk about a manga titled ‘The Gamer’ that I just recently read and how cool it really was. About ‘Windbreaker’ too! I had also finished reading some books, but I’m not sure whether I should give them any feedback or insight because they were really awesome. I also watched a few ‘Genius’ series on National Geographic and though they were very brief but it could really trigger you to know more about those geniuses and their works. And because recently my father kept watching the ‘Bible’ series and kept on asking me to find the differences in their teaching and in what the Quran had mentioned should be, so I made some researches on that too. I found pretty cool information, but yet I’m far too incompetent to write about any of that.

Honestly, I’m too busy reading and engrossing things I found it a bit hard to spit it out back as time goes. Because believe it or not, it change my way of thinking, it change the perspective on how I used to perceived things and it literally change me. And changes, they required some times to adopt. Do you know the ‘Calm Water Theory’?

Learning business, you’re all about theories. But ironically, theory will only be a theory unless you could apply it. And usually with me, those theories just popped out when I want to explain a condition or in supporting arguments. So, for me that’s a bit cheaty and cool all at the same time. It sure will make you look a lot smarter than you actually are. That’s quite a tip, try to put those theories you learned in class when trying to explain things okay.

Back again with the Calm Water Theory.  The theory is basically trying to explain that in managing people, sometimes changes will be needed. And usually it’s the manager that will conduct and guide the direction of the changes to meet the business goals. So, to change there’s a series of stages that the manager should identify and adopt. The first is the ‘Unfreeze’ stage, next is the ‘Change’ stage and the last is the ‘Freeze’ stage. So, unfreeze is when you identify what are the things that you wanted to change. Then, you try to change them by introducing a new method or by creating a policy or rules and regulations. To make sure the changes are used continuously and to avoid the old method was used again, the manager should regularly supervised the employee and put on a measure to control the change process.

Analogically, that’s what happened. Before, I used to look at things through my perspective alone. I don’t know how it was with other people from different cultures, races, religions and nationalities. Maybe that was what I lacked of; exposures. So, I try to redeem back those weaknesses of mine with reading. Some might say that it’s not the same to actually experiencing things by your own than to just read it off from the experiences of others. Of course it’s not. When I read, it’s not the experience that it brings that matter. It’s the different angles of people perceiving things and the morale that matters.

I always told my friends to write about their experiences studying overseas. But, maybe they just don’t think that they had live there long enough to describe what it really feels like. What was it really feels like? “It feels empty, it feels like you don’t belong there and it’s boring.”, the kind of answer that I get after asking a friend. Was it because it’s different? Was it because everything had changed?

In many cases, the one thing you most needed is change. In fact, you should try to change every single day. Change is not a process where you measure it by the end results. It’s supposed to be a process where you should know yourself and your desired better, whether was it appropriate or was it enough in order to achieve you goals? If it’s not, then you should change. In order to change, there are a lot of things that you must sacrifice. You know yourself what it is, and it’s really not easy. Because of that – the fear of change – we had unable to resolve many global conflicts nowadays. Why can’t they change their policy for a little bit? Why can’t they make a cartel or something? What are they so afraid of?

In Genius, the second episode was about Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. When Edison had able to build his empire in electricity industry by using the direct current, Tesla came and proposed the more efficient way in supplying electricity by using the alternative current. Edison rejected the idea because it was too risky and dangerous. Tesla ended up finding his own investors to convince people the benefits of alternative current. He wanted to change the direct current to alternative current so that many people will be able to enjoy electricity besides the rich corporates and politicians. What gets me the most was when Tesla decides to let go of his fortune and shred the agreement in order to put his vision to realization. The company and the investors aren’t able to pay Tesla for his accrued license fees anymore and about to go bankrupt, when Tesla let go of his patented royalty in order to make sure the business can still operate and able to proceed with the Niagara Falls project that they had received. Edison later loses the company he had self-built because the board had come to realise that alternative current is better than the direct current and are far more profitable itself.

The fact that Edison should have earlier considered Tesla’s idea might could had change something somewhere today. The world might have a much more meaning into it than just a mere place of profits. It’s sad when that happened and making it much irony when both of the parties are wasted. Change yeah is that what I’m going to say? Maybe, I’m not quite sure myself. For me it’s more about having to counter with people of a different mind than you. People always believe that there’s only one way or another in solving things. If it’s not going to be A, it’s certainly B. That my dear friends are what ‘False Dilemma’ is.  It is to believe that there’s only two ways or two choices that exist. I mean come on, even our MCQ’s have 4 to 5 choices of answers.

So, what did we usually do when we met someone of different opinion than we do? If we’re going to accept theirs than we have to change ours and it certainly is not easy. But, it’s not like they will accept ours if they don’t wanted to change theirs. There’s other way. Find a common point that you both had, and change everything else. For example, you both wanted to supply energy to people. Fused all that brains of yours and find a new way. Though, it is a bit unrealistic for a big industry like electricity. The point is don’t look at what you have different but at what you have the same.

And after all of that, had we learnt our lessons? It’s hard to tell. There’s no specific indicator or law to determine the human behaviours. Even some physicists like Descartes for instance, believe that we human don’t bind by any law because we have ‘free will’. But, do we? Or are we just repeating and imitating the past events as results of causes and effects.

Everything is changing. And it happened so drastically it feels so surreal. The bombing, the war, the killing, it’s really dreading. There’s one time on the days in between of my final exam, I slept on the campus’s mosque. I had so many things on my head but I felt so empty inside. Everything is slipping bit by bit off my hand; it’s started to get really tiring. During the Dawn prayer, a friend came and I was quite shock because she’s a Chinese revert. And she could also fluently memorize the An-naba’. It brings back something that’s lost from before – hope. I kept on being forgotten on how a soul could even move mountain and that even with just a soul it would make such big differences. And I’m thanking God for sending me this one beautiful soul.

It is not always bleak the world is. You just have to choose wisely. On where to look..

“Before the land begin to fade. I was hoping that you showed me the way. To never ever be afraid. To change..” – Falling Star, Jet