Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pre-Economics Examination

It’s 9 a.m.

A couple more hours before the exam started.

Is it normal for economics students to be so immersed with current issues that involves with politic and economy or is it just us? Because at times, I do feel that we are over arguing it. To the extent that I often realised it became very uncomfortable for the people around.

I mean, it was never our intention to act so ignorant and indifferent like we are the Ms. Know-it-all. Talking about something that that sensitive out loud in public, I know it’s not right. But, that’s the whole point right. We ARE economics students. You can’t expect us to say something about nut and bolt, atom and bomb, genes and chromosomes?

Some might think that it’s better to just keep all our thoughts to ourselves. There’s no point in arguing. It’s not like you could do anything though.

Sadly, that’s exactly what half million of the population are actually doing. Nothing. Absolute nothing. Because they let themselves believe that their voice and opinion worth none. And so they stay in silence.

Or is it because of fear that had force you to shut yourselves? We are just students. Had you not look at how many figures that government had lock up because of what they’d said?

It’s frustrating.

Don’t you realise where our country’s future are heading? And aren’t you aware of what state other countries are in too?

It’s you who will live in that crumble future. It’s us.

Sometimes, I get so scared that I regret I had ever learned economics. Will it be better if I know nothing? Will things get much easier because I won’t be worrying this much then? Every day, there’ll be new news popped out, new issues arise. It’s either good or bad, but these recent years it had always been bad, bad and bad.

Every time me and my friends trying to do revision for economics, we had always ended up tense and upset. We’re scared. All this while, we had been analysing other countries’ economies; UK, China, India and etc. It’s easy to use all those theories and models towards other countries. But, it’s not when it come to our own.

So, these few days, the biggest concerns of our country are the major depreciation of our currency against US dollar and its effects on our economy; directly or indirectly. For a scholar, I’m worried. And I bet every other scholar would also have the same worries.

Will we be able to further our studies abroad?

At times, I feel like pleading, ‘Please, aren’t you supposed to care for us, for our welfare? Can’t you please for once stop acting this way and get your head straight?’

And at times, I also let myself believe that the reason behind everything that’s happening is Israel. Ha ha cliché right. But, they do always behind of everything. Last year, I jokingly said this to my friends;

“Kita rasa MH370 tu mesti kena hijacked. Macam dalam movie-movie tu. Lepastu kena sorok dekat mana-mana entah. And diorang sebenarnya dah jumpa kapal tu tapi government taknak exposed sebab nanti burukkan nama negara. Ah ni semua angkara yahudi!”

 Then, I got a pretty good scolding from my friends. Not until the news on our second plane got shot down then, everyone started to point towards US and the Jews for the reason behind the conspiracy.

Actually, that’s the turning point that had slowly disrupted the stability of our economy. Let aside all the political reasoning. Admit it, our country is in a pretty bad shape.

But, I guess you had already known that right?

Being an economics student, it’s important to be able to predict the likely effect of an event. Not only that, it also taught me to boldly make an assumption and to come up with theories. So, here comes my second best theory.

 In a few years, the Election Day will be held like usual. If the government changes, everything will changes. New rules, new regulations. The syariah will be implemented, as well as hudud and any other Islamic law. Just like how Egypt used to when Dr. Morsi got elected. When secularism gotten replaced not by liberalism instead the Syariah, you know there’s one particular party who can sat still.

However, those possibilities is made disadvantage by weakening our country’s economy. Nice play. No money, no power. Hence, not a threat.

Tapikan Allahu, fansurna ‘alal kafirun.

I know it’s really unnecessary to come up with something that bad. But, who am I kidding? I’m aging. It’s been a long while since my dream is all about flowers and rainbows.

1.00 p.m.

Economics Unit 4 International Advance Level.