Friday, 22 May 2015

Worry Ends

She often knows what she always wants. Even at times it feels impossible, she just believes. Because there’s nothing she could lose, by just believing. It didn’t cost her even a penny. But, she learns. To believe is actually the hardest thing a human kind could do.

Because to believe acquire you the ability to not feels worry. How to?

It is impossible to not feels worry at all. Worry had kept a few of us living and moving. Because of worry, we are able to push ourselves to do things beyond our ability. Because of worry, it motivated us to achieve success in life.

But, wariness will never end. It’s like a parasite that will consume you slowly and wholly. And this parasite will breed and killed their host in the most crucial way ever.

You feel worry for your upcoming examinations. This worry had able you to study hard. It makes you feel motivated to get a good grade. You studied day and night because the wariness makes you anxious. What if, I couldn’t still get a good grade? What if I couldn’t fly and further my studies? And even more ‘what if’ comes after that, you cut all ties of reality around you.

It’s your choice to drown yourself with worries. Some might feels it’s okay to swim in their own oceans of worries, but at some degree when your body could no longer withstand the tide, what will you do? You could say that you will never give up that you will not stop fighting but you not a machine. You are a human who body covered with only fluid, meat and bone, still shamelessly pretending to be an iron steel strong and mighty.

Before the time you will realise, you are already drenched out. 

Like a parasite, worry could kill you from the inside. It suffocates you with unwanted thoughts. It stirs your sanity and seed fear deep inside you.

But, I guess it's more easy to be worried than to believe. Just look around. This world had had enough of worries people, it's a miracle it still could hold and live this long. Worry not only could kills you, it could also kills other people around.

End you worries.

And start to believe.

(Sami Yusuf - Worry Ends)