Tuesday, 26 May 2015

In Disguise

Into the deep black night sky the thought wander. Imagining how the sky would be if it wrapped with blood red all over. It’ll be terrifying undeniably. But, would it even be possible?

Would there anyone who even bothers?

She forced herself looking miles over where her eyes couldn’t reach. To places way beyond the mountains and seas. It’s not looking good, it’s not.

All this while, she’d only notice the ground she stands, the sky she gaze, and the eyes she met. Because she knows the reality of what happening out there, she scares. She scares it’ll weaken her and broke her apart. Though she tries her best to shut it, it just happened to find it owns way to still slipping through.

I guess it’s only normal to run away from anything that’s we find as threatening. It’s what I would call as an instinct. Like in the wild, a prey fleeing from a predator is only a basic instinct in order to maintain their survival.

Like there is even any differentiation between human and animal.

In fact, human are actually animal with fancy clothes, cars and house. Who read, write and speak. That in the end only know how to destructs, slays and lies.

It’s sickening. Human is. How come they couldn’t even felt bit of shame?

Even animal could learn through conditioning and consequences, why can’t we human? Is it because of our id? Where when this id is could no longer be satisfied that we decide to behave even worse than animal. That’s only if you believe in Freud and his theories.

Being a human, we had been gifted with the ability to think. The mind is a mysterious place where no one could reach it except you. Only you could manage what you think and how you want it to work. A weak mind could be easily influenced and fouled but not a strong mind.

But, a human with a strong mind alone is half living. You need a strong soul to fully living, and that’s what differentiates you from a beast.

Please open your eyes. But, don’t look it through your mind instead use your soul. What if one day the earth and the sky will mirror each other and you will no longer be seeing a clear blue sky if not the blood red all over.

Open your eyes and stop running. Like a hobo who plead after you at an empty street, they cry for help. Your insensible fear could sometimes blind you, just take the courage and reach out. It’s not always beautiful the world is, but a beautiful soul is surely the best healing.