Tuesday, 26 May 2015

In Disguise

Into the deep black night sky the thought wander. Imagining how the sky would be if it wrapped with blood red all over. It’ll be terrifying undeniably. But, would it even be possible?

Would there anyone who even bothers?

She forced herself looking miles over where her eyes couldn’t reach. To places way beyond the mountains and seas. It’s not looking good, it’s not.

All this while, she’d only notice the ground she stands, the sky she gaze, and the eyes she met. Because she knows the reality of what happening out there, she scares. She scares it’ll weaken her and broke her apart. Though she tries her best to shut it, it just happened to find it owns way to still slipping through.

I guess it’s only normal to run away from anything that’s we find as threatening. It’s what I would call as an instinct. Like in the wild, a prey fleeing from a predator is only a basic instinct in order to maintain their survival.

Like there is even any differentiation between human and animal.

In fact, human are actually animal with fancy clothes, cars and house. Who read, write and speak. That in the end only know how to destructs, slays and lies.

It’s sickening. Human is. How come they couldn’t even felt bit of shame?

Even animal could learn through conditioning and consequences, why can’t we human? Is it because of our id? Where when this id is could no longer be satisfied that we decide to behave even worse than animal. That’s only if you believe in Freud and his theories.

Being a human, we had been gifted with the ability to think. The mind is a mysterious place where no one could reach it except you. Only you could manage what you think and how you want it to work. A weak mind could be easily influenced and fouled but not a strong mind.

But, a human with a strong mind alone is half living. You need a strong soul to fully living, and that’s what differentiates you from a beast.

Please open your eyes. But, don’t look it through your mind instead use your soul. What if one day the earth and the sky will mirror each other and you will no longer be seeing a clear blue sky if not the blood red all over.

Open your eyes and stop running. Like a hobo who plead after you at an empty street, they cry for help. Your insensible fear could sometimes blind you, just take the courage and reach out. It’s not always beautiful the world is, but a beautiful soul is surely the best healing. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

Worry Ends

She often knows what she always wants. Even at times it feels impossible, she just believes. Because there’s nothing she could lose, by just believing. It didn’t cost her even a penny. But, she learns. To believe is actually the hardest thing a human kind could do.

Because to believe acquire you the ability to not feels worry. How to?

It is impossible to not feels worry at all. Worry had kept a few of us living and moving. Because of worry, we are able to push ourselves to do things beyond our ability. Because of worry, it motivated us to achieve success in life.

But, wariness will never end. It’s like a parasite that will consume you slowly and wholly. And this parasite will breed and killed their host in the most crucial way ever.

You feel worry for your upcoming examinations. This worry had able you to study hard. It makes you feel motivated to get a good grade. You studied day and night because the wariness makes you anxious. What if, I couldn’t still get a good grade? What if I couldn’t fly and further my studies? And even more ‘what if’ comes after that, you cut all ties of reality around you.

It’s your choice to drown yourself with worries. Some might feels it’s okay to swim in their own oceans of worries, but at some degree when your body could no longer withstand the tide, what will you do? You could say that you will never give up that you will not stop fighting but you not a machine. You are a human who body covered with only fluid, meat and bone, still shamelessly pretending to be an iron steel strong and mighty.

Before the time you will realise, you are already drenched out. 

Like a parasite, worry could kill you from the inside. It suffocates you with unwanted thoughts. It stirs your sanity and seed fear deep inside you.

But, I guess it's more easy to be worried than to believe. Just look around. This world had had enough of worries people, it's a miracle it still could hold and live this long. Worry not only could kills you, it could also kills other people around.

End you worries.

And start to believe.

(Sami Yusuf - Worry Ends)

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

I’m not a geek, instead I’m just way too far from becoming one. I don’t have problem socializing or make friends. I’m not a book worm genius nor am I a kickass gamer. But, I do agree that at some point, I feel like escaping the reality.

If you guys had before watch the movie ‘Surrogate’, then you could feel the same vibe the book tries to bring out was. The movie was quite vulgar though. But still, the message it brings is the same.

Where people no longer happy being in the real world. And many had felt contented hiding behind their beautifully-created avatar, because to be judge is so crucially pain. In the end, everyone came to believe that living in the virtual world is what happiness is. There, there is no flaw. No one knows you. You could impress as much as you want without being stereotype at.

You are anonymous.

The real world? It is total wreckage. It’s a world contaminated with people so corruptedly blind with power and money. When human did lost their humanity, they are far more evil than devil ever were.

What is it exactly that pushes us to our limit?

What is our limit?

This book struck a taste of reality to my sense. Ernest is a genius geek. His book was not merely about science fiction and fantasy alone. The quest of the ‘Halliday’s Egg’ is actually a journey. And through this journey, one will battling with themselves. They also will encounter their own true self.

It was I believe, the only and final way Halliday could do to correct his mistakes. As like what he had told Wade for winning the quest, "I created OASIS because I never felt at home in the real world. I didn't know how to connect with the people there. I was afraid, all my life. Right up until I knew it was ending. That was when I realized, as terrifying and painful as reality can be, it's also the only place where you can find true happiness. Because reality is real."

This is book is total sums up of everything.

Plus, it was so interactive and educative. I do feel I'd become more knowledgeable reading this stuff. Even though, it didn't really be any of a help for my upcoming exam. 

Still, it's worth every second.

Happy reading :)

Ernest Cline - Ready Player One PDF

Monday, 4 May 2015

Armagedon 2012 ; Bencana Akhir Zaman

Selepas habis Isabella, genre bacaan aku penuh dengan novel science fiction dan thriller; Maze Runner, Scorch Trials, Death Cure, Kill Order, Enders Game, David Baldaccis. Jadi aku sedikit terkejut bila mula baca buku Armagedon 2012 ni dan terasa macam masih baca buku novel science fiction.

Bagi aku buku ini mengelirukan.

Apabila ada penulisan yang dibukukan, oleh seorang penulis yang berkelayakan, diterbitkan oleh sebuah agensi yang diiktiraf (PTS Islamika Sdn. Bhd.), orang akan menggangap seharusnya buku ini dapat digunapakai sebagai hujah atau pun rujukan.

Hai kecewa. Nasib kau lah Malaysia ada pembaca banyak songgeh macam ni.

Jadi aku baca. Menarik pada mula. Berkerut di pertengahan. Kemudian aku mula tarik phone, type:

‘Muhammad Alexander’

‘Review buku Armagedon 2012’

 Kurang yang aku jumpa. Tapi ada comment dari sebuah blog yang aku baca mampu jadi penyedap rasa.

Soalannya, “Saya ada persoalan (mungkin juga kemusykilan) mengenai isi buku Alexander Adalah Zulkarnain dan buku Alexander bukan Zulkarnain. Persoalannya, bolehkah teori dan hipotesis yang dibuat  oleh penulis diterima?”

Jawapan, “Berkenaan buku Alexander Adalah/Bukan Zulkarnain, saya tidak membaca dan mempunyainya. Walaubagaimana pun, saya memiliki buku Armagedon 2012 yang juga ditulis oleh penulis yang sama, Muhammad Alexander.

Adakah teori dan hipotesis dalam buku-buku tulisannya mengenai hari kiamat, dajal, tanda-tanda dan hubungannya dengan sains boleh diterima?

Persoalan ini adalah amat panjang untuk diperbahaskan. Mungkin kalau saya ada masa saya akan tuliskannya dalam entri yang baru di blog,tetapi buat masa ini biar saya jawab secara ringkas persoalan tersebut.

Teori hanyalah teori jika tidak dapat dibuktikan. Ini adalah asas untuk menerima sesuatu fakta. Selagi tidak kiamat, selagi itulah kita tidak tahu sama ada teori dan analisis yang ditulis dalam buku tersebut benar atau salah.

Jadi adakah kita perlu mempercayainya atau menolaknya?

Cara terbaik adalah mengambilnya secara pertengahan. Kita berlapang dada dengan teori-teori yang dikemukakan, tetapi jangan menggunakannya sebagai hujah, dalil atau fakta yang menunjukkan ianya benar-benar begitu seperti yang diceritakan. Dalam erti kata mudah, gunakan perkataan ‘mungkin’ bukan ‘semestinya’.

Buku-buku tersebut mempunyai unsur Buccailisme, iaitu terlalu mahu untuk mangaitkan sains dan Islam sehingga mungkin menimbulkan kesalahan sama ada fakta, disiplin mahupun pemahaman jitu pengetahuan tersebut. Terlalu menghubungkaitkan perkara yang diluar batas pemikiran manusia seperti perkara-perkara ghaib dengan sains dan agama. Saya secara peribadi menasihatkan tidak perlu terlalu percaya dengan penulisan-penulisan sebegitu, kerana adabnya, begitu lebih baik, jika kita tidak tahu (dan tidak boleh tahu) adalah lebih elok untuk tidak percaya.

Perlu diambil perhatian juga bahawa dalam menafsir ayat Quran dan hadis, memerlukan pakar dalam tersebut yang amat tinggi, yang mana orang biasa, hatta professor dalam bidang sains sekali pun, tidak boleh semberono menakrifnya.”

Jadi pelan-pelan aku tarik tutup buku Armagedon 2012 ni.

Bukan aku mengata yang buku ini tidak dapat digunapakai faktanya. Tapi fikrah aku lebih menyambut baik jawapan komen diatas tadi. Yang mana penulis buku ini terlalu mengupas dengan terperinci mengenai tanda-tanda kiamat dan cuba untuk memberi gambaran mengenai kiamat yang aku sedikit musykil kesahihannya.

Aku kira adalah lebih bijak jika engkau mengambil pendapat dan maklumat daripada ulama-ulama yang dipercayai dan daripada tafsir-tafsir yang memang sudah sahih sumbernya.

Ini peringatan untuk aku dan pengajaran untuk semua, agar bijak memilih bahan bacaan dan agar bijak juga memilih untuk percaya atau menolak isi yang telah dibukukan.