Saturday, 21 March 2015

My 3A's Brother

Congratulation Kisas for ranking 4th place among the listed sbp. I don't know how to feel. But, it feels like I'd move on. High schools days are over years ago. So, I better let go and fly away. It's not that I will'not come back some day. I will. And in between the periods, being emotionally attached to it still is very tiring.

So, you know the common question of the day will be like,

"Adik kau berapa A?"

"9A. 5A+ 4A"

"Straight A+"

"9A 2B"

And I was like, "Adik kita 3A! Hebat oh BI, Math, Sains je yang dapat A." walaupun takde orang yang tanya.

Lepastu semua senyap haha.

I mean come on. Getting 3A for spm doesn't mean that he doesn't have brain. And there's nothing to be ashamed of. You know how life is full with twist. It might be me who furthering studies to uk, but it might turned out to be him who'll be more success in life. Who knows?

As long as he has will. As long as he has dreams.

And I think I will be an important role for him since he kind of developing an interest in Business as career. And it turned out to be only me who will pursue my degree in Economics, which is really correlated with Business studies.

He once asked my mother,

"Ibu ika amek account ke? Ika dulu spm bukan sains ke?"

"Haah. Sebab tu kena repeat banyak kali."

Hahaha ouchh this is hurt.

So, see. This is a solid proof that getting 10A's in spm doesn't mean that you won't repeat any paper in college. And I had also seen a few friends who didn't really excel in spm getting a 4.0 pointer in their matriculation. It's not a surprise.

Being a successful person is a subjective term.

It depends on how you define success. And sadly, in society it only represented throughout the score sheet, which university or college you attend and on how much money you'll be paid.

I can go on and on about this, but just saying it won't affect any party and it'll just wasting my time. So, let's be clear on one thing. What is success?

Is it by satisfying the standard that the society had mark or is it by satisfying the standard which you yourselves had marked?

Some people who walks faster might have a large steps. But, we can't expect that everyone will have the same steps too. Some might be a little bit slower since they have a small steps. The end of the journey that matters. Because some might be drowned out of having walking too fast from the very beginning. So again, who knows?

You have to fall to know what pains feels like. So that in future you'll learn not to falls again.

That's how we are when we were kids right.

And it's never different than when we are growing now.

It's just that we keep falling and falling and as we begin to feel drench out, we stop trying. You know yourselves what will happen when you stop trying. So, please. Don't give up.

Please. Don't stop believing.

Goodluck for trials ;)

**had been kept in draft for weeks and just realise it today so yeah, heheh.