Wednesday, 4 March 2015

For He Who'll Read

I had just been remembered. The reason why I had write in the first place. And to continue still.

When my sister furthers her studies at Australia, I was all alone at home with my parents. All of my elder brothers were in university and my younger brother was in boarding school. So, practically there’s only me and them with the cats at home.

I’d used with the feeling of being the only daughter at home because my sister had always been away from home since she’s young. I guess there’s only me to brighten up the house.

The cats really help.

It had always been me and ayah who always taken care of all of the cats. When I entered kisas, ayah once said this,

“Ayah bila nak mandikan kucing-kucingnya? Dah lama dah tak mandikan.”

“Tunggu ika balik rumahlah. Nati sapa nak pegangkan kucingnya.”

Aduh, tak mandi lah gamaknya kucing-kucing aku ni.

I don’t remember any of my siblings ever bathed the cats. It’d always been me and ayah who got scratched and bruised all over our hands bathing the cats. It had always been us most of the time that cleaned and fed the cats.

I loved this one time during my PMR year. I was back from school when suddenly ayah brought me to a pet shop. He told me to choose one cat and we literally bought it and brought it home the very same day.

It feels like heaven. Her name was Pinky. But, we just called her ‘miaw miaw’ as always.

I kept her in my room. She’s the only one cat that ever slept with me in my bed. And one that had always jumps on my book every time I wanted to flip the page.

tu baju sekolah lagi..

dalam bilik..

I also remember the time I got really close with my younger brother. Thanks to Anime for that.

Before, we had always watched Anime in Animax. It had always been the two of us who stayed up all night until two watching Jigouku Shoujo. To the extent my father had to set up another astro cabel in our house.

“Tengok kartun-kartun semua dekat sana. Ni ayah punya nak tengok berita.”

Okay, I lost point. Again.

 When my sister in Australia. Ayah had always scrolled his ipad at night reading kak yun’s blog. He had always forced me to read it with him. But, I was just like ‘ohhh’ heheh. He even bookmark the page though.

So, one day he asked me,

“Ika takde blog ke ka? Tulis lah nati ayah boleh baca.”

Even though he asked me a few years later, but actually the reason I started to write was because of him looking so content while reading my sister’s blog. I’m not a good writer so I just kept it secret. But, the thing is I had always express well when I write than when I’m not.

And I think it’s time.

Because truthfully, I am as preserved I am with my friend with my family.

That’s not a good thing right.


Ayah, esok result ika keluar haha macam mana. Doakan ika hehe takutt.