Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Hindu’s; Define Straight Path?

A year ago around the month of June, my wall (on facebook) was filled with status from the self proclaim Atheist and even from the Atheist-wannabe. Like a virus the ideology of the non-existents of God went viral among the Muslim catalysed by the famous Benz Ali.

He’s a believer now.

And to judge him on what he had done in the past that’s a bit unfair. So I’d let go. Though I do think he is still a bit pain in the head. His words are full of provoke and protest. For someone who read (and intellectual I believe), sometimes there’s thing that should not be seen through the perspective of the head alone but also from the heart. And common sense of course!

In short, be more thoughtful.

I don’t quite remember how it started; the conversation. But it happened after I post something about apostasy on my wall. I hate it that I had to bear with the fact that Muslim is losing faith. Because faith is the most fundamental root of Islam.

But, I detest the most a thoughtless insensitive big mouth whoever they are that think they had the authority to even judge and critics. Unfortunately, that sounds a bit like me.

I mean, if you see someone posting,

“Aku tak tahu keputusan aku nak jadi atheist ni betul ke tak? Tolong aku tak tahu nak buat apa.
Ada lagi seminggu sebelum aku buat keputusan terakhir aku. Doakan aku pilih yang terbaik.”

Sort of. And then after a week he/she posted again,

“Aku masih Islam…”

Will you judge?

A big question mark there. Because I did. Like, ‘ek eleh mamat ni. capub betul.’

I don’t know if he is serious or not, no one knows. But those kinds of judgments (like what I did) that will bring the matters worse. While the Muslims badmouthing each others, there will always a side that took an advantage out of it.

So before that happen, let’s all Muslims of the world together we spread the love J

Sorry bro T.T

So the conversation or a dialogue most likely, it happened after I tried to add a liker from my apostasy post before as friend. He sent me these messages afterwards,

Suthesh: Hey there. You are?

Me: Hey, you didn’t add me yet..

Suthesh: Because I don’t usually approve strangers. So usually for courtesy sake I kinda expect a message from them.

Me: Oh really. Sorry actually can I ask, why did you like my comment on that apostasy post? Do you have something to say in mind? Just curious though..

Suthesh: Nah nothing. I just liked it. Plus I think religion is personal. It’s between the individual and God. No one should have said if they don’t have any beliefs in it anymore.

Me: True. Whatever the causes of their disbelief are, we can’t totally blame them. Because we might be one of the causes too. And never to lose hope in them. God is merciful. May they find their way back and may we don’t astray from the right path. Peace J

(That usually my line to finish everything up and a cue to get out of the conversation. Sadly, he replied..)

Suthesh: So how do you define the right path?

Me: I have my own right path. What was yours? Surely the path that will lead us to heaven and not the other way round right.

Suthesh: Which brings back to the question: how do you define right path?

Me: (Annoyed) Our quran had guide it all. Al-fatihah verse 6-7. Guide us to the straight path. The path of those upon whom you have bestowed. And not of those who have evoked your anger or of those who ASTRAY.

My right path? That path that pleased my god. Obey to all of His command and not doing what He forbid us to do..

Al-Maidah verse 35. O you who believed, fear Allah and seek the means (of nearness) to Him. And strive in His cause that you may succeed (heaven).

That’s what our religion teach us. To have faith and to believe in His promise.

Suthesh: I am a practicing Hindu and for me, the religion thought us not to think ill or upon it towards others. For He is ever merciful and forgiving. Lately I am pretty sure that you have seen articles on atheism and anything related to it.

In my point of view, I believe that religion is a way to guide a person and God and it is also not wrong if one is not practicing as well. That did not make them a bad person. So if theyis  that as a right path for themselves, I see why not.

 Me: True. Everyone have their own path that’s their right path. But doesn’t it bother.. If everyone claim their own the right one, which exactly the most righteous one? As atheist claims that there’s no god. Is it sound right for you?

Like what you said, they are not a bad person. True.. everyone is free to practice what their belief are. But don’t you want to protect you belief too.

Suthesh: On what cards it should be bothering? All religion leads to one thing; their belief in the Almighty, albeit the way they see God is different. And why is there need a stress on one proper religion to be the right one?

Not all atheists believe in the non existence of God. There are some who believes in God but not the religion. Either said and done, if they believes it in such a way then it’s their way. Theoretically, them believing in such a way is already like a religion. Because till the day comes when we leave the earth to another journey, we won’t know what lies ahead.

Protecting my belief? My dear, if religion needs protecting then the main purpose and grounds of a religion is pointless. Religion is meant to be guidance on the almighty, and like I said earlier it is totally up to an individual to belief it.

It will never die nor to some, the variance of the existence to it.


It’s kind of hang right. I didn’t replied back because his last reply was made after a week of our conversation. So I think it’s better to just let it dead although honestly there’s so much more that I want to counter.

I really was hoping at that time that I was a syariah or usuluddin scholar. I was afraid to touch about the matter deeper because I know my capability and my knowledge about it is very shallow. I was so dumbfounded when he asked me that.

Dah kenapa eh kau ni macam tak faham pulak aku nak stop.

Then, I saw his profile. I had a guess that he is not just any practicing Hindu, he has brain. Like a very high-class educated geek. He sure speaks well.

I leave his last reply for you guys to ponder. If someone said exactly that to you, what will be your answer? He brought up a few a matters though or is it me who brought it up?  Doesn’t matter.

1. Why is there a need to stress on one proper religion to be the right one?

2. On Atheist believing in the existence of God but not the religion.

3. Does religion need to be protected?

For some of you who have a decent answer please mind to share. Frankly speaking I also didn’t have the exact answer. Because in the end, it depends on how you see things. In the end, it depends on how you define the straight path.

Does religion need protecting? I say it does!

Then logic ke tak kalau dengar ada orang kata pertahankan negara, agama, dan bangsa kita!

And since when anyone who claimed themselves as an Atheist ever believes in the existence of God? If they didn’t believe in the religion then they shouldn’t believe in God too. Because all religion as far as I know teach that God is exist. Unless, their belief is an ideology.

Why is there a need to stress on one proper religion?

So here an analogy. You tried to solve a trigonometry question. And there’s a lot of trigonometry identities provided in the formula book. Are all of the identities will work in order for you to find the answer? No it will not. There’s only one which will does.

So why wasting time using the wrong formula, when the question had already give you note which is the right formula? And for your concern, math examination is only 2 hours long.