Saturday, 10 January 2015

Galactic Laser, Mid Valley (Rate: 5 star)

First Impression: Is it really that good? I mean, look at the place. It’s dark and…(negative thoughts).

I know. I know. Sometimes, I really am that old fashioned. I love sports and outdoors. I might didn’t have the look, but its here somewhere. And, to be able to do some outdoors after these while, I feel like breathing again. Like, yeah I could scream my heart out loud and run like who care no one watches, and yeah etc etc.

So, here goes the story..

I just finished my Accounting Edexcel Advanced Subsidiaries Level paper, and it’s not as smooth as I had in mind. But, I hope it came out just fine. Whatever the result is life move on right. No point on grieving over what had past. So, let’s just stressed on the other four upcoming papers.

Really, really, I ended up feeling so stressed. And the pressure keep stacking little by little, I feel like a time bomb waiting for the right time to explode (Hyperbola).

A friend called the next day. Honestly, I just want to stay home and be lazy and do a so-called revision. I just want to say no, but it’s always a yes that came out. So, here I am standing in front of the Galactic Laser still wishing for a miracle that they will cancelled the plan as we standing in front of the counter paying our entry fees.

So, I gave up. Obviously.

Then, it feels like playing paintball all over again. I’m so nervous I just couldn’t sit still. The place is so dark besides, I don’t know about the layout, Where to go? What to do? Those kinds of questions keep bothering me. I’m just simply scared. To death. (Hyperbola again)

Then, we are called to the briefing room. Oh, this brother here very funny haa.

“Okay. There are four places you can hit: chest, back, shoulder, and gun. Remember to always use both hands when hitting with the gun because it have a heat sensor. That’s all, any question?”

And everyone was like what?? Hahaha. Bang tak kelakar  -__-

But, it’s actually really that’s it. There are no rules. You just shoot whoever your opponent is. And if you’re being shot, the machine will tell, “You’d been shot! Play dead!”. Hahah panas jela dengan mesin ni nak play play pulak. After couple of seconds, the light on your chest will light up again, and again the machine will say something like, “You’ve been reactivate. Move! Move!” The atmosphere really was like playing a live video game. Though, I was quite shock at first. I thought I hear things. But, you’ll adapt fast.

At our first game (we paid for a four round game), you’ll be like a ‘pelanduk masuk kampung?’.. I think for a first timer, it’s better to check out for the layout first. Though, you don’t really have time for that. The game will begin as soon as everyone enters. Plus, you’ll be frantic when everyone starts to scream and the music background tak tahan. It made you feels like you are in a real battle mood.

What did I do? Hehehe. I only remember I'd been running and chasing and shooting and hiding and sliding the whole times until it's finally a game over. It was scary at first. But, when you receive your first hit, and the machine went, you'd been shot play dead! Then, the real game had start. I rather be a walking dead than just play dead. And I literally seek people to shoot at instead of just hiding and find the right time. It's thrilling~

P/s for a first timer: Conquer the top.

After 10 minutes, my feet feels like it going to fall off. And, we still have 3 rounds more to play. Just make sure you do a simple warm up before enter. It's no joke.

At the second round, I found myself a fortress. Actually, I was just too tired to play. So, as I enter the place I just climb up the nearest place I could step on (it’s on the left after the door guys hehe). I’m quite proud of my achievement and to think that I only made a few steps effort to it was.. a moment worth recalling fuhh.

The spot was the best. You could shoot until across the room and you also can shoot the opponent on the top. But, never never ever exposed your position. Because, since the spot is at a corner, so when everyone know there’s someone there, you’ll see like 10 angry laser tag on your face, and the machine will went, Play dead! Play dead! Play dead! Countless of times. I should be quieter at that times, instead I was standing and shooting like, “Hey guys I’m here, where are you going? Haha idiot.” I am the idiot. Huhh.

I conquer the corner all by myself until the fourth round. I’m not greed, it’s just the best spot ;)

There was one time I ranked the first (Vikings) and two times I got third (Electra). So, I say corner are the best!

My advice: Don't judge. Play first guys.

happy 20th fatin~