Monday, 17 November 2014

Festival Gamelan UKM

No comment.

If I were ever ask to go again I won't go. So, please note this and dare not to ask me again on going. It's not that I didn't enjoyed the performance. The performances were awestruck. But me.. I get nothing. 

I love playing gamelan. Because it's like my safety jacket back when I'm in kisas. It's like a distraction from all of my stress and the 'friendship crisis' that I got. I valued all the knowledge and experiences that I gained through it. It's priceless.

But, this night I realised how gamelan is not much of different with any other type of music. And, that was sad.

I know gamelan is actually used as a backdrop song for traditional dancers when dancing for Sultan at the palace. But, I  have never see one and seeing this really hurt my pride. What the.. with all the woman dancing 'seductively' and the men cheering. Nooo! I want to cry.

So, please don't show me this cruel reality right front my face and smile like there's nothing happened. There's a lot of things happened. And it happened to be wrong. Just because there's nobody think that it's wrong doesn't mean it is not. 

Now, this is me saying that it's wrong. It's wrong for the dancers, the players, the audiences, even for the organizer. 

I don't know. 

Like I said, then what made gamelan different than any other dance song? Just play the instruments and get rid of the dancers lah please.. Hailahh

Good that I have these kids with me.
The night feels a lot much better.

*cruel world*