Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Do-It-Myself Thing

I guess boredom really takes its toll. I had never in a millions time ever EVER thought of making my own sling bag. I admit that I’m a bit picky in choosing my style. That’s why sometimes it’s hard for you to see me buying new shoes or bags or clothes.

I don’t have any definite style.

I like everything that made me look not that modest but not the otherwise too. Just in-between. Some free facts about me that you need to know.

I really love denim/canvas product. I do not fancy leather.

I just really really had fall hard with canvas. They’re just so cool, who’s in their right mind can ever resist them. They might look shabby, filthy, kind of old-fashioned, out of trend, but I don’t mind. Maybe because they describe me best.

So, that’ll make me a walking canvas then.

I really like sneakers, cause obviously they’re canvas. I never wore anything except for sneakers, loaf and flat. Heels? Give me a break.

And, I really love my canvas tote bag.

It’s not that I don’t have any other bag. It’s just that they’re not canvas and they’re not tote. Give me anything that’s tote and canvas, you’re my true definition of happiness.

I’m having a mid-sem break right now. And there’s a few short list that I’d plan to do, surely it has nothing to do with me studying. AHH!

* I still don't know how this going to turn out.

So, right now I’m still struggling to finish up sewing my jeans sling bag. After that, I really want to learn to make my own long skirt, because apparently buying them is so expensive. And the last one is to bake. Still haven’t decided to bake on what.

Yep, this are my three short lists I wishes to do along the break..

Enjoy the break, guys <3