Thursday, 9 October 2014


I thought I was heartless enough. Thought I was strong enough. But, I guess I'm not. Because when pain really felt like pain, it just hurt.


I always tell myself to not matter about things don't matter. Never to cry about things not worth it. And to always be patient no matter how hard things going to be.

I guess a leak or two this time doesn't kill. So, just let the tears be. Because there's always tons of smile to heal the wound, always at the end.

And, it always been better to forget and let go because to keep is going to cost you a lot more of pain. And tears.

Just cherished the sun that came out after the heavy rain that went.


*Hassan Sensei ~ the interrogation

*For a man to feel at his lowest and backed bcs of guilt,
he's my definition of handsome.
*Bcs we'll still be playing. Even if they shoo's us from the hall.
Like we care about the toilet, duhh.

*Kid ourselves at the back of an open heavy-load track.
The only luxurious that we afford.

It's hard. But, let's just try to laugh at anything we could laugh at.
While we still can.
While we still have us.