Friday, 19 September 2014


Okay this went viral surprisingly. I always wonder whyyy 20?
And what did you get on putting facts about yourself in Instagram, obviously I didn’t get it.

I know its fun following the trend.
Sometimes you won’t even question whether the things make sense or not. You just do.
I mean, guys.. and girls
Following a trend doesn’t mean you are in-trend.

And, what’s with the fuss on becoming in-trend?
Explain. (20 marks)

I think I have an ‘anti-trends’ syndrome. Still haven’t met the cure yet.

It’s like I’m wearing a new style of outfit to class.
Then, in month, people start wearing it the same way too.
Everyone with a same style of outfit.
Won’t you feel sick of it? Annoyed I am.

Okay hello the pessimist me.

I try not to judge. But, it’s hard. So, pleaseee help me to not judging you.
Be sensible.

I can’t expect everyone to feel me and see things the way I see it.
But as for you, clarify before you act. Do things because everyone else is doing it, it’s unwise.
You might see that it’s okay.
Hey, everyone else did it. What harm can I get? It’s fun.

1. I like to eat.
2. I like to sleep.
3. I have ‘anti-trend’ syndrome.

You talk about hating people to stalk you. Ehemmmm.
Define stalk. (20 marks)

I don’t really thinks it’s appropriate to use the term ‘stalk’ in social media.
Because the access of it is something that we can’t comprehend.
The links of the links of the links.
And I’m here scrolling over someone’s blog.
Yet, I’m the stalker. It doesn’t make any sense.

So stop calling people stalker.
Whether they accidentally or intentionally scrolling over your wall or posts.
You are not better off than everyone else.
You had at least once done it too right. Admit it.


I like trends.
But, I’m not really into it.
You’ll get tired one day to keep up with it.

Let’s trends keep up with you.

You should cool being just you.
Then people will cool with you being you