Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I'm out breath. This whole time I'd been running and I am not even close to the finishing line. There are still a long way to go and the track also not getting any easier. Do you know that feels when your body was ache all over but you still had to keep running. Because if you stop, you'll be left out.

All you want is just some rest. But you know if you stop now and walk it will be either two; you will become too comfortable in walking you'll just walk until the finishing line or you will keep wanting for more and will frequently stop for a walk.

Someone told me before,
'When you started to feel the fatigue, quicken the pace.'

So said the runner. It's not something that can be easily done. Unless you have that much of motivation and yes, stamina.


Everyone is running in this world. They run for something, someone. They run with reasons. If you stop you'll be trampled all over. Even if you wish to stop, you can't. Just shout as loud as you want, if you can, the world will never stop working that way. It had been design for you to run.

Then there will be a few type of people in this world you will be seeing,

1. The one who keep running and benefit from it

2. The one who keep running and washed out at the finishing line

3. The one who stop and never make it to the end

4. The one who stop but start it all over again

5. And; the one who not even participating

There might even be more. People who cheats, people who faking...

All you need is some breath.

You can't stop people from running and you can't blame the world as it is. You might feel stressed out, exhausted, depressed but do not stop. Quicken your pace. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, clear your mind and run.