Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Madah Mr. Pres

Wah jantung laju kemain hari ni dia. Mohon cool, sesungguhnya saya berpuasa. Alhamdulillah masuk sem 3 sudah. It’s going to be a very tiring and totally new journey from now onward. And I really wish I’ll make it through to the end.

As for today, we are having an academic briefing with our new head of program.

The sole reason why I feel so nervous.

My pointer had not been so great previously. I didn’t know where it goes wrong? I’m not feeling great nor am that I proud about it. No. I’m not proud of it. Of myself. And this time I really take Him for granted.

Shame on me.

But still, I seek for a second chance. Maybe there’s hope. I just didn’t feel like giving up yet.

I know some of my few friends that are on same positions as me and some that are fortunate by having good pointer. How do I say?

It’s not over.

You might have it bad today, but it’ll be better tomorrow. Or, you might be on top of the world today, but you also might hit the bottom of the ocean tomorrow.

Cause I’m a hard fan of Linkin Park, there’s their one song that gave me the urge to just stop from being sad or whatever that I’m doing and get it straight – ‘Roads Untraveled’.

So dear friends, let’s get back to our sense eh. Keep calm and listen to Linkin Park.

Hari ni ada dengar suara menggegar dewan. 
Hari ni terasa ada sinar mula menerang.
Jangan sedih satu jiwa.

Cari kekuatan dalam genggaman sahabat.
Cari di mana tuhan agar kau tenteram.
Jangan gusar kau tidak keseorang.

Pandang kedepan lupakan yang silam.
Mulakan langkah agar kau tidak tersembam.
Kita perlu lebih gagah.
Kerana ujian kita lebih hebat.

Untuk aku.
Jangan tinggalkan tuhan.

Untuk kamu.
Jangan putus harap pada tuhan.

Sungguh bersama kesusahan itu kesenangan
( Al-Insyirah : 6 )