Friday, 20 June 2014

Zulaikha Adam - An Act of Rights?

Actually I don’t want to bother myself about this issue because for me it was not a big deal. This issue had long ago occurred and I thought it had already resolved. But, since that was what the youngster nowadays more cares of, so let me butt in and says what I had in mind.


The government had prohibited the wear of the veil inside the border of the government sector, whether in school, college, university or working area. But the rules are not bound once you are outside of it. It was not like the wears of veil are prohibited in our country. The rules are made under circumstances, to ensure safety and to make everyone feel comfortable and not threaten.

The ultimate purpose of the wear of veil itself is to prevent women from defamation.

So, dear Zulaikha.

I know you are mad being treated that way but throwing tantrum and being emotional is definitely not going to keep you away from being defame.

This is not about a battle between Niqabi against the government’s rule.

This is not a battle afterall.

For some people, it may look heroic to hold on to their principle and being stubborn. Leave out of the lecture hall when the lecturer asked to open their veil. Posting in facebook on how discriminately they had been treated. Getting sympathized from everyone.

That was nothing to be called heroic of.

 If you want to stand for you rights, do it the right way.

Putting away your veil doesn’t mean they succeed in bowing you down.

Instead, they will never be.

But, once you start to show your true self and rebel for what they had done, they had then succeeded.

To all my dear sisters, know your rights know your might. Sometimes, you don’t need any words to let people understand you. You don’t have to overly react to let people respect you.

Here, to all of you pain, may Allah strengthen you. 
To all of your hardship, may Allah ease you. 
To all of your tears, may Allah redeem you. 
To all of your fears, may Allah guide you.

Be like the like of Aminah, Aisya, Fatima and all of the woman of Jannah.

Be patient.