Sunday, 22 June 2014

I Have Trouble Digesting Terms

Have you ever try to read academic books but end up shut it away after reading just only 2 paragraphs of it. I had. Sometimes it was frustrating to read something that you are not familiar with. Why don’t they use simple words? And instead of giving long and repeated explanation just summarized it briefly. That shouldn’t be any hard, right.

I really like to try shifting my books genre into something more academicals and factual. But, when it came to that I had to face with terms, it was really an unpleasant experience ever. So, me fighting with the terms will never be my win.

I guess that was why teenagers are more into novels and fiction. It’s exhilarating.

After tired with the books, I search for some articles. But, it was all the same. More terms and more facts that my mind can’t process, no matter how many times I had read it. Then, maybe it was me. I’m the problem. I admit that I am a really slow learner. But, I can’t let that be my excuses for ever.

Because believe it or not, I dream to become an entrepreneur.

So then I’m trying to give an effort in reading some entrepreneurship-about-books. It just way too complicated for my kinds. I’m reading page one, still contained. I’m reading page two, and then suddenly I met the cover.

Maybe because I am a literary person. I like language, history and art.

Nahh, can’t spoil myself. If and only if I ever finish one of any kind of that book and really understand it, I’ll dedicate a post about it here. That will be my current goal. I hope it will not take years.

So currently I’m reading a self-motivation book, ‘Thanks for the Feedback’ by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen. It’s really interesting. It’s kind of feel like reading a psychology book. Though I still take 2 hours long break after bumped into few terms. The book is really helping me a lot, psychologically and emotionally.

Here, a sneak peek of it.

There is an old joke about a happy young optimist child whose parents are trying to teach him to see the world more realistically. To that end, they decide to give him a large sack of horse dung (shit) for his birthday.
                ‘What did you get?’ asks his grandmother, wrinkling her nose at the smell.
                ‘I don’t know, but I think there’s a pony in here somewhere!’ cries the boy.
Receiving feedback can be like that. It’s not always pleasant. But there just might be a pony in there somewhere.

True and true.

It’s not always pleasant and easy to swallow. But it’s what will make us learn and grow.