Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sem Break 2!

I wonder is it really going to be a ‘break’. Because I still can’t get away from being worried about the gamelan ensemble and the hockey tournament. These two major events why oh why is it going to be happening in the middle of my sem break.

I’m not complaining though.. just wonder why. ==’

Because the problems is à them (who cannot be name)

I don’t know why they are making such a fuss. Yeah it’s a sem break and everyone wants to go home and be lazy and just do nothing. So that’s the best part of the sem break isn’t it? You can go to an event without to worry about classes and lectures that you’ll had to skip.

And when the event going to happen throughout the sem, everyone be like, ‘I have tests and quizzes and assignments and presentations and extra classes and meetings..’ do I have to list it all out? Okay I’ll just stop.

So, what with all that excuses?

I am disappointed. Who am I to be disappointed anyway? No, it’s because I thought you guys want to make it happen. Really make it happen. All the talks about how you guys hope that we could make it through and that all of our hardship will pay. And just to sacrifice this one thing; the leisure, you are already refuse then can I expect more? Can I ask for more?

‘Orang Klang boleh lah dekat..’

It’s not about where am I living that become the problem. I hate people who always point it out back to me. Yeah, I’m living near and that’s why I was like that. Simply that and only just that. Seriously??

Oh how I wish I was that kind of person who talks back. Then I’ll just simply snap him away at that time. Fine then, just ignore me.

Isn’t this supposed to be about my sem break? Oh I hate them!

Okay, it was already a week. And actually I had to go to a daurah after this. Huhh still making time for blogging eh.. Nope it’s fine, I have time.

So this daurah, I really look forward to it. I don’t know why but I’m really nervous because I don’t know what to expect. And I’m insecure too in a way I am. They were such great people and I want to be one too. When you blend with the real community, actually you’ll learn a lot. And I think that’s why I became such a pain to my other colleagues. Because I had see people of my age who act, behave and even talk like they were.. I don’t know. All that I know, I was too shame to even tell everyone my age is.

I have to stop here.

I have a daurah to tend to. Ecececeh.

And yep, pray that I survive it well.