Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bela Miskin Charity Sales

Alhamdulillah our first charity event went just as smoothly. And this was actually our second thought after the street feeding project was cancelled. After all we human just planned and whichever that turned out to be was really His best of planned.

So, after countless times of meeting, debating, postponing and all finally last week we managed to hold the event. Taken place at the Bela Miskin premise itself, all seventh of us began to work as it is.

Personally, I think to handle and hold an event is a way different feeling and double the hard from just involve and to participate in it. How come those two be the same? When you are handling an event, you will never get away from being anxious of the uncertainty and you will always had to calculate probabilities instead of the exact true figure. What if? What if? What if? You had to always be prepared with those kind of questions. Which for me was really annoying. And authority huhhhh.

Sometimes, it was lot better to just participate. But, look around. How many do you see with this kind of mentality that was actually became a successful person? I'm not saying there isn't. But little they are. I am a very ambitious person. And instead of being order, I like to give one. Because at least I know I will not be bound to an order which was not right or against our religion.


So our first Bela Miskin project was Charity Sales.

In this sales, we sold mostly secondhand clothes from shirts, dresses, and baju kurungs. The day start quite bad because it was raining in the morning but then it goes just fine after that. We don't really sold that much, but I think this was more to create a good relation with the firm for our upcoming project.


We sure have lots in mind.

Our second project with Bela Miskin is Charity Teaching. Hmmm hmmm. Just wish us best of luck.

Yeah there were lot of clothes with good conditions and we were eyeing on one too ahhhah. But still we can't beat the guys. After we hanged the clothes, they keep brought them in. And then we were like, 'whyyyy?', 'This jeans is for me and that is for my mother, that's for my sister, and that's for Lisa and Dahlia and Intan and...' the list just go on and on. I just can't believe I met those guys here lol.

But really all thanks to you guys.