Monday, 10 March 2014


Boleh mengadu tak kat sini..

Hmm. I don't really know what to expect. Being a committee lots of clubs and societies had turn me into a very judgmental person. I know that's the beauty of it. To discover many new persons with vary and different personality. But somehow, I can only see the ugly and hideous part of it. 

I'm not an outspoken and frank person. So for most of the time I'll endure everything by myself. Sometimes, what I ask is a little bit of understanding and... cooperation. I don't understand which part of it that was so hard to carry. I even literally beg them for sympathies. Many times had I lowered my ego and pride. But why did I feel like someone was mocking me behind.

I know, sometimes I was a bit carried away and bossy. But I did that for a good reasons. 

I too have my own responsibility. I have my own classes that I had to catch, assignments that I had to finish and other societies that I had to attend and commit to but it was never an excuse. In what term was your life was more busy that mine I would never know but that is not an excuse. 

I myself is currently working on on 5 projects all at once. But I don't remember myself skipping any society's hi-comm meeting. I manage my assignments well. Because I rather to trouble myself than others with jobs I'd assigned to do. With this lack of commitment, I fear what to expect in the future. I even doubt that the event we'd planned will turn out well.

I'm not the project manager nor am I the assistant project manager but why did I the only one that was being too pushy. Of course I am. How can I not be when it was me that'd been asked by Hajah Aluyah about the paperwork progress. 

Huhhh. I hate to deal with this type of person. Now I'm being judgmental. Do not volunteer for a post you can't commit with if you're just going to behave this way. It trouble me physically and mentally. It do.

I almost burst out, lucky I still can contain myself.

* me during meeting be like...