Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I feel so isolated. But I think it’s a good thing though. It’s not that they’re ignoring me nor that I’m trying to keep myself away. Awkwardly it just happened. Sometimes, I just feel like doing it. Boldly trying something new and put myself off my own safe zone.

I remember when I was in high school. I told my dorm mate that the next year I want to move to another dorm. I don’t really mind being alone in a new dorm actually. Because somehow I know that I’m quite independent myself. Yes it’s awkward surround with someone that not close to you. But it worth the try.

So it happens this year. I feel like sitting beside a new classmate. The fact that we’d already spent months together before made me realize that, ‘yeah, let’s do it the second time. You’d done it before and you’d survive. So what to worry. Make friends. But it’s awkward to death. Ah who cares. Do or die!’.


I’m so bad at accounting!

And studying.




I'll just be happy