Friday, 17 January 2014


As a punishment for getting a bad grade, I’d deactivate my twitter account. It’s not solely because of my grade actually. It just that it was such a waste of time. I kept on scrolling and scrolling and it get me nowhere. Sometimes it even annoyed me to read some of those stupid statuses.

And since I had twitter once too, I’m not denying that I was too contributing in the making of those ‘stupid statuses’.

I might not know about the latest gossip of the day. Call me noob whatsoever. And honestly I heard so many terms that I not know before. Funny that it do not make me feels any smarter. So what if you know how to make sentences with the word ‘swag’?

Before, I tried to fit in. That’s why I made twitter. I want to keep up with what’s going. But, you know. No, thanks. I was off track enough. So, let’s stop it here before it’s too late.

If you’re reading and you've got twitter, let me say this one thing . . .

If you’re about to die tomorrow, will you be proud with what you’d post in your twitter?