Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sarah Sa'irah

Lately we could hear many arguments whether can or not us Muslim wish or say ‘Merry Christmas’. I just don’t get it. It’s not like there’s someone who’ll wish you Merry Christmas if they know you’re Muslim, unless you’re not looking and acting like one. Oh please makan dalam sikit.

So what did it relate with the Sarah Sa’irah I’m going to write. It doesn’t. It just happened to be that I met her yesterday and yesterday was so controversial. Pardon my nonsense.

Oh how I adore her so much.

Actually she is my brother-in-law’s sister. You know, Muaz, the one that married my sister. Sarah is Muaz younger sister. I never thought that I’ll be this close with her. I mean I don’t even know what to say with my own cousin. I like the quote that saying : When you are childhood friend, growing up means growing apart. It’s so trueee.

Yesterday was holiday so we went to visit my sister at her new house at Bangi. It happened that Kak Sarah was staying at my sister house for her sem break. At first it was so awkward. I never actually talk with anyone from Muaz family. I’m shy you. Haha

kak sarah yg kiri sekali ~

So as times goes, there’s moment when the house turn so quiet it’s hard not to make an eye contact with her. Then we talked and laughed and she even told me about her crush! I mean who will tell people about their crush on a first met right. I don’t believe it that we took this long to open up to each other. My sister got married on February and it’s already December now. Better late than never.

She’s so bright and quite a mouth too. As usual I just do the listening but it was fun though. Especially when it comes to boys. We laugh and laugh, Muaz and my sister gave us an unusual face. A moment ago we’re complete stranger and now we’re laughing our heart out.

Tbh, my mood was so good yesterday that even a bad result can’t spoil it. I was quite sad about my result of course but I was in such a great mood. I am complicated.

Appreciate every person that walks in your life.