Thursday, 21 November 2013

Eye Sore

After a while, yeah let’s write to our hearts content.

So, there’s this thing I can’t get away with. I don’t know how to stop it, but it surely gives me an eye sore just to look at it. To be frank, aren’t they ashamed? I’m not going to point generally this time instead I’m going to be precise. Not when it involves with matter this serious, at least for me it is.


She’s a friend. A fellow kisasian friend. I’m not that close to her, but I know her well enough. Hmm. So, lately I’m not kind of fond of her doing. It’s a good thing to have a crush. I have one. But that doesn’t permit me to cross over the line. Just, know your boundary. You can though, but keep it to yourself. Is it love that you have to show? No, it is not. It’s lust.

I’m sorry it hurts. I know it harsh. But, what do you expect?

Stop posting picture of you both. It’s an eye sore.

Stop commenting those kinds of picture and saying that it’s sweet. It’s an eye sore.

Stop liking it. It’s an eye sore.

Everything about it is an eye sore.

Just stop!

I don’t know why. My heart, it aches so much. Your acts aren’t always affect you alone. Mind people that watching. Preserve their rights. Mind people that listening. They too have their own rights. Then, what rights that you own? Repent, then you’ll have one.