Friday, 22 November 2013

Dreamer Me

Okay, this is difficult. I'd never thought it'll be this hard. I wonder why I even bother to think about it at the first place. Now, it just give me a headache.

So, it begins when my mom asked me to help her at the kitchen. You know how my mind easily get slip. I was thinking about this and a little bit of that when suddenly it just pop into my mind. At that time, everything seems ridiculously possible. Now, it just seem ridiculous.

Actually, I was thinking to err. . . this is awkward. Okay, I want to make a hockey festival. See, I'm such a dreamer. I want to do this and that but then nothing happen. It always like that all the time. If only I was given such power. But, it's different this time. I can feel it in my veins.

It has been a week since the kitchen's incident happened. The progress? My proposal is two-third done. I had make a few quick survey for the venue. Everything seems to run smoothly except for the fact that I have not yet consult it with Encik Amir, INTEC's sport officer. I'm scare - to death.

What if I don't get the approval? Ahh, mental breakdown. And to make the matter worst, I just found out that there's no hockey club at INTEC. So, who am I representing? Myself. Oh, really convincing.

You know, where there's a will, there's a way.

If I don't get the approval from INTEC administration, I'll just ask my friend to get the approval from her college then. It doesn't matter which college held it, as long as the event can be realize. For me, that's what matter the most.

Please please please be true. You know it's really hard to play hockey this day. Even the turf is so difficult to find. When that day come, and all heart are beating hard . . . . shhh no more poetry.