Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sekolah Rendah Islam Hira'

This was my former primary school. It’s very ordinary. There’s nothing about the infrastructure that I can boast about. So old. But, I love each and every single thing related to it. This school, it had shape me into a person that I've been now.

Flash back . . .


class of 2006. standard 5.

Actually, when I look back I realised that this was kind of KISAS version of primary school. It’s because, I remember I hardly spoke to the boys back then. We never really make a contact. At the canteen, the counter was separated between boys and girls. Imagine KISAS, it’s just the same.

The schedule-

The class start at 7.00 if I not mistaken. Then, students will bring their chair and go to the respective tadarus class. The tadarus system class was level with ( iqra’ 1-6, reciting muqaddam, memorizing muqaddam, memorizing 7 selected surah – yassin, al insan, ad dukhan, al waqiah, al mulk, al jumuah, as sajdah ). There’ll be a test to enter the next level. I had to repeat the test to memorize muqaddam three times before I can move on the next level.

We had to line up outside the classroom to recite asmaul husna and some prayer. Then, the class begin . . .

Since we’re a non-government school, our academic syllabus was slightly different with the SK. We have two separate academic syllabuses which is subject to be taken for the UPSR exam and other is subject diniyyah ( sirah, feqah, akhlak, aqidah, tajwid, pqs, arab ).

The thing I like most about this school is that our class ended at 2.30 p.m sharp. Before that, we are having Zohor prayer jemaah at the musolla.


Things that differ this school are . . . I don’t know. Maybe the Islamic surrounding, I guess. Though we’re still kids and immature but we’d been teach about manners and responsibilities. I think we’re quite mature for our own age.

There’s this one day, we’d been discussing about a very heavy topic – murtad, and everyone was really into it. Asking tons of questions. Btw, we also had usrah leaded by the muallim and muallimah. At a very young age, we’d been trained to think not for ourselves but also for the community.

As I entered middle school, the surrounding was a lot harsher. People often teased me for wearing tudung labuh. Made a mocking face whenever I walk past through them. I heard them all and ignored it all. Sometimes, I was like swearing. But, I was strong enough to hold it on. Because, it’s me against them all. I know this was not the fight that I’ll be the winner.

Hira’ really had make me tougher – inside and out.

I can’t describe how. But, I value all the things that I gained throughout my 6 years there. 6 years were a long time. And the school you’re going really influenced how you’ll turn up to be. So, remember to place your children at a good school . . . if you want them to turn out to be like me. ^^

A non-government school was really expensive. So true! I remember my dad had to pay RM1XXX/month for our school fees. And he has 6 children. Just imagine . . . But, spending a bit for a good education for your children is an investment for your own future too.


Things that you’ll receive hereafter are the du’a of good sons, your good deeds and the charity you’d done in the world.


Why out of sudden?

This is the main point of this entry actually. Huw huw. *panjang beno intro

Last Friday, when I was at the Bazaar Ramadhan near Kolej Cemara & Akasia, I saw this one small booth with Hira' written at it's banner. With very little curiosity, I searched through it again to ensure that that's Hira' is somehow related to my childhood school. And . . . it does!

I saw their badge and it's the same. So, I decide to approach the man sitting behind the desk.

“Minta maaf. Tumpang tanya, Hira’ ni Hira’ Batu Belah ke?”

“Ah ya ya. Hira’ Batu Belah. Sebenarnya kami sedang mengadakan kutipan untuk . . .”

“Saya bekas pelajar Hira’. Muallim ni mengajar Hira’ ya?”

“Oh, alumni lah ni . . .”

And, we had some quick talk. Actually, our school will be replace at a new site because the old site was just a rent and it's agreement is about to end. By 2020, the school had to be replace in any means. So, a fund has been held for the financial support of the school's construction. 

the new school-to-be

For more detail information please visit or download the booklet.

I really look forward for anyone that willingly to help to raise a fund regarding our new school construction project. Please spread this, and may your kindness will be paid.

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