Wednesday, 21 August 2013

DASS : Depression Anxiety Stress Scale

Kelas Psychology.

Miss Ainnur  : Okay kelas. Hari ni saya nak buat test.
Girls             : What!! But you didn’t tell us. It’s not fair! We didn’t study a thing.
Boys            : Tomorrow miss, tomorrow. Esok ada kelas psychology. *winkwink
Miss Ainnur  : Tapi saya nak buat test hari ni jugak!
Class            : *giving excuses*
Miss Ainnur  : Okay. Cepat cari pair! You’ll be doing this test by pair.

Me    : Ecah, camna ni cah. Kita tak bawak note psychology satu pun.
Ecah  : Kita pun sama.

Gulp. We’re dead.

Miss Ainnur  : *distributing the test sheet
Class            : *grinning. Ohhhhh!!!!

It happened that we actually had to answer a questionnaire about the DAS score. We’d been tricked! Some of us might really end up getting a heart attack here. Hmmmpph.

Today lesson was very interesting. Indeed, so full of drama and speculation just like usual.

We are assigned to answer the questionnaire and after that we had to calculate the marks and identify which group we‘re classified in.

Few of the question:
1. I always feel that I am worthless
2. I don’t think I have hope to live anymore
3. I cannot tolerate with things that interrupt me when I’m doing things
4. I was easily touchy
. . .

When I did it with Aisyah, we can’t help but to say ‘merepeknya’, ‘apa punya soalan ni’, ‘ishh, mengarut betul’. Because from my point of view, most of the questions are so negative that we find it rather ridiculous. And it ended up that our DASS score are normal.

But, when Miss Ainnur asked five pairs to present their DASS results in front, I just can’t say how startled I was.

1st Group : Nazura & Elani

Here, we’d been arguing about how one can think positively when they’ve got a problem? So, how? Is it true that one of the ways to reduce stress is to think positively?

For me, when I feel so stressed up, I do something that I had to use all my attentions and energy. So, it can distract me from thinking about that so-stressful-problem. Example, playing hockey. That really reduces my stress. Just hit the ball as hard as you can, and there go your problems up in the sky. Its fun, it’s tiring, and its stress reducing. Heheh

2nd Group : Thalhah & Arief

They’re debaters. I was so jealous how they can fluently and confidently speak in front. Okay, not the point.

They both have a severe depression, anxiety and stress problem. I think it’s quite normal for a debater since they need that sense when they’re debating. Just imagine people like me debating, I don’t like to debate things actually. So, I will like ‘yelah2 kau betul. Ameklah nak sangat’. Sarcasm is the best! Ngeheheh.

Apart from that, they both have a member of family that was sick (under surgery).

Thalhah : Arief, kenapa kau stress?
Arief     : Sebab kena buat test ni lah!

3rd Group : Sadiid & Afiq

These two boys were the worst. Their stress level was ‘extremely severe’. I don’t know why. But, I think most boys are under a lot of stress. Or, that’s what they think so. Ye ye jela depa ni. Bukannya apa sangat pun. Huhhh.

Tapi, terharu sangat diorang semua willing share pengalaman and problem diorang semua. Ada yang pernah kena bully sampai trauma, ada yang menjadi pembulinya and ada yang dari family bermasalah. Nampak diorang memang betul-betul dah anggap kitorang ni macam family. Yelah, takkan nak suka suki je cerita pasal kisah2 hitam hidup kita dekat strangers kan.

Waktu diorang cerita, mostly semua mata berkaca-kaca. Terharuuu. Sedihnya. Even yang budak2 lelakinya
pun layan feeling sekali. Memang huaaaa. Kenapa selama ni tak bersyukur betul aku. Diorang lagi banyak kena duga dari kau. Sedarlah!!