Thursday, 13 June 2013


It has been a while since I last contacted my friends. Hoping they’re all doing just fine. I’m about to enter to a whole new world. At least, that’s how I’m looking at it. Petrified, I am. But, as Syaaban has come I kept worrying how will my Ramadhan be?

Last Ramadhan was the best Ramadhan I ever had. I just wonder if I can ever feel the same way as I used to. Friends waking me up for sahur, and sometimes Cikgu Norisah herself. Walking to the musolla for subuh prayer, mathurat and yassin every single morning. Friends fall syahid in the musolla after having a tough battle to stay awake.

Hearing a heart-healing nasheed from Hafiz Hamidun before going to school. Begin the day with Asmaul Husna and reminders. Performing Dhuha during recess. Listen to the tazkirah Asar given from the Imam.  Gather for tadarus and reciting quran. And at the end of the day, where the biggest joy rewarded to all the muslim arrived - buka puasa. Yeayy!

But above all, that Ramadhan had changed me a lot. I became worry less. And I literally am meaning it. I don’t worry much about my SPM or studies and it droves my friends crazy. I know they’re just worried. I didn’t deny the fact that SPM is really important in our future. But, I hate seeing what people willing to do just to accomplish their dreams.

That Ramadhan, I learned to have faith. In everything that I do, I have faith. Everywhere I go, I always bring faith along with me. That’s when I became worry less. That’s how I was able to feel calmer. Because, when you have it, you’ll feel it.

So, dear Syaaban.

Help me to prepare myself for Ramadhan that coming.
I just wonder if I ever make it there. . .