Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Reformasi !!

One day, you wake up and realized how things had far change. The world you live in is not the same as it used to. Everywhere, there’s a shout – young and old. There’s blood showered the road. You live in fear and terror of what will tomorrow be.

This world is too old. It has been suffocating for ages it can no longer hold. Too much mistakes we human had made. There’s no more room for another. This world is so close to meet its end. But, we still have time. Arguing who’s right and who’s wrong. Blaming each other for having different thoughts.

Today, we’ve achieve so much we started to take things for granted.

Corrupt people ruled the world. Telling lies and promises, things beyond they could reach. But the people, they still listened, believe, hoping that someday or somehow all the talks will come true. Maybe, it's not the time yet. But, maybe it will if they just wait a little longer. So, they wait and wait in silence.

Years and decades. They can no longer hold.

The young hunger for changes. They dream a new world, a better world for them to live in. They shouts, but was vain. For they always been taken lightly. There's no one bother to hear what they thought of. They want to fight for what tomorrow will be theirs. Just this once, only once. Feel the urge that we've been seek. Hear the crack of our voices. Telling you that we demand a . . . REFORMASI !!