Wednesday, 20 March 2013

It's Time

So, it's the same all over again. The nerve, the rush, the heart beating, the screams, the cries, the joys, the lies, it's the same over and over again.

When all hands are shaking, trembling and sweating ; they're hoping. Despite all the smile and eyes glittering, there's nothing that can put off the fear they felt inside. People might told you that it's fine, but they don't understand - how worried you felt inside.

After all, that's just a piece of paper that you kept worrying on. It might hold a significant value in your life, it might not. No one knows what waiting them ahead. But, believe me. In moment like this, it's best if you spend some time watching 3 idiots movie. It help me a lot, though.

You'll then discover that the thing you need most, to keep you holding on is a friend that at good or bad will always be by your side. Then, family and of course the faith you hold fast in Allah.

It doesn't matter how hard you fall to the ground, how the pain had tear you apart or how many endless times you fail to get up. Things that matter is that it makes you a more determine, strong and never easily giving up person you never imagine you ought to be.

So, just let your heart in ease for a moment. And recall all the struggle and hardness you had put yourself into. Let tomorrow end up with a big silly smile on our face - what ever it'll turned out to be.